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Which R4 Card should buy?
R4i SDHC 3DS RTS,R4i Gold 3DS RTS,R4iSDHC Dual-Core,R4iSDHC RTS Lite,R4i Gold Pro Support 3DS/3DS XL/2DS V7.1.0-16 and older version, DSi v1.4.5
R4i SDHC card support DSi/DSi XL v1.4.5
Gateway 3DS,MT-Card,R4i Gold 3DS Deluxe Edition,3DSLink support 3DS/3DS XL v4.1.0 to v4.5.0,Please double check your 3DS/3DS XL's version before order.

R4 3DS

R4 3DS Card include R4i SDHC 3DS RTS,R4i Gold 3DS RTS,R4i Gold Pro,R4iSDHC Dual-Core,R4iSDHC RTS Lite and so on.They are considered as the best R4 3DS card on the market with its backward compatibility and top reliability. R4 3DS cards can work with all Nintendo 3DS,3DS XL,2DS,DSi,DSi XL,DS Lite and DS. R4 3DS cards were released after 3DS console was released.If you want to use R4 3DS Card to play free download games, you should get a Micro SD or SDHC memory card which can be easily synced with your PC using the included memory card reader which you can insert into the USB port on your PC and you are ready to go. Then it is simply a case of clicking and dragging the files you wish to view on your Nintendo 2DS,3DS,3DS XL,DS.The R4 3DS Cards also supports a wide range of homebrew games which can be easily found online and also of course supports the current Nintendo DS games. Depending on what you want to use your R4 3DS for you can investigate this more.

R4i Card is the second release of the r4 card, aimed at Nintendo dsi and dsi xl console users. It features all the great traits that made the R4 the success it is with many more improvements in user interface and speed. A great feature of the R4i Card is that it is completely backwards compatible with the Nintendo DS and Ds lite console, meaning there is no need to purchase two cards if you have more than one console, you can simply use the R4i card with both. What the R4i is so popular for is its support for the latest firmware updates from Nintendo, this is thanks to the constant development from the R4i team and bringing us new and improved features that vastly enhance the gaming experience on the R4i card.

R4 Card is also called R4 DS card,R4 Card was the most popular Nintendo DS R4 card on the market.It is still one of the favourites R4 DS Card after Install Wood R4 Kernel. The R4 DS card is able to play music and watch videos on our Nintendo DS. Accept Micro SD Card with capacities up to 2GB, this R4 DS is not SDHC compatible. However 2GB is more than enough space for most people.The other limitation is that this R4 DS card is NOT compatible with DSi / DSi XL.R4 SDHC card is the second R4 Card fod DS and DS Lite,R4 SDHC Card supports SDHC micro SD card,The R4 Card is a great little device that fits into the slot 1 on the Nintendo DS or DS lite console and allows you to make backups of games you already owned as well as many other wonderful features. With the R4 Card you can playback homebrew games, watch movies, view photos and now thanks to new technology you can even read eBooks. All of which can be kept on a Micro SD or SDHC memory card which once connected to your PC allows you to download whatever files you wish to playback and then you are ready to go!